What does it mean to be a volunteer at Torquay Community House?

​Torquay Community House would not exist without our wonderful team of volunteers. They ensure that your community house is a friendly, welcoming, fun and stimulating place to be.

There are several volunteering opportunities at Torquay Community House.

If you’d like to contribute to our ongoing success, contact us for a chat.

Reception volunteers help with many different things; greeting visitors, setting up activities and classes, assisting with administration tasks, keeping the house spick and span, helping with fundraising and generally helping out where needed.

The Board of Management consists of volunteers who are elected at our Annual General Meeting or co-opted in the interim period for a two-year term. Board members may take on a number of roles depending on their strengths and interests. These roles include fundraising, advocating for the house and developing the yearly strategic plan for the House. 

Volunteer tutors are essential to our Tutoring Worx Maths and Literacy tutoring program and we are always looking for new tutors to assist. We also welcome volunteers tutors who might want to run a class or event. If you have a skill or area of interest that you are passionate about, why not share it with the community? 

You can also contact us via phone 03 5261 2583 or email us via our contact us page.